Vanilla: The Jumping Bean; History, Current Market and Future Outlook

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The seminar will be covering a variety of topics related to vanilla in flavor and fragrance. Learn about vanilla’s evolution, alluring global history, current and future trends, and related natural and synthetic vanillin complexities and regulations.

8:00am–9:00am: Registration & Networking Breakfast
9:00am–12:30pm: Educational Program
12:30pm–3:00pm: Networking Lunch

Matthew Amato
Vanilla Product Manager; Symrise NA

Matthew was first introduced to the vanilla industry during his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer living and working in Madagascar. During his time as a volunteer, he worked with vanilla farmers to diversify their cash crops and revenue streams. After his time as a volunteer, he stayed in Madagascar and accepted the role of Sustainable Development Coordinator with Symrise SARL. In this position, Matthew worked with farmers to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification for their vanilla crops.

Matthew holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and a Joint M.S. in Economics and Environmental Policy Planning from Tufts University.

Kari Arienti
Senior Vice President, Perfumery; Quintessence Inc.

Kari Arienti is the founder of fragrance and candle brand AromaKnowledge, and its sister brand, Atelier Arienti. Since 2018, AromaKnowledge has offered services such as superior fragrance creation across a variety of markets, U.S. marketing support, and inspiration to the next generation of perfumers through fragrance training. Both AromaKnowledge and Atelier Arienti sell unique candles directly to consumers online and in several local retailers.

Kari (pronounced Khar-ee, like Ferrari), was awarded the WFFC 2014 Recognition Award. She also received the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame Award for her Bath and Body Works scent Cucumber Melon.

To Kari, there is nothing more exciting than the look on a customer’s face when they find their new favorite fragrance in one of her creations. This, along with the challenge of working with new products, motivates her.

While earning her BS in Chemistry from Lehigh University, she anticipated using a chemistry background to create cosmetics, like Estee Lauder. However, her first job at Roure (now Givaudan) caused her to fall in love with the fragrance side of the business.
She earned her MA in Cosmetic Science and APC in Marketing from New York University, which allowed her to understand the market, consumer needs and the complexities involved in creating fragrances for consumer products. The Roure School of Perfumery in Grasse, France, is where her love for creative perfumery was focused and disciplined.

Inspirations for fragrances come from many sources. Kari can be found smelling her way through gardens, listening to Radiohead, DeadMau5 and Pink Floyd, and traveling the world in search of rare scents. The development of novel fragrances based on meaningful experiences was the impetus for Atelier Arienti candles. Bringing unique, super-creative scents directly to consumers is a joy.

When she’s not working — although, let’s face it, smelling is a never-ending job! — Kari embraces her inner geek by making ice cream and enjoying all things Star Wars and Harry Potter. She loves to work off bad energy by lifting weights (dead-lifts are a favorite) and coaching young Alpine ski racers. Her husband Per, son Lars, and dog Chewbecca hike as often as they can.

Cynthia Esposito
Flavorist; ADM Wild 

Cynthia began her career in flavors at IFF R&D where she spent 6 years in the Flavor Research group. In 2017 she joined the ADM team where she worked cross category and completed her Flavorist training. Upon ADM’s acquisition of Rodelle she relocated to Colorado to focus on Vanilla. For the past 3 years she has taken advantage of this unique role and immersed herself in the world of vanilla, building her technical expertise along the way.

Theresa Bartone Griffith
Global Product Development; Vita Coco Company

Theresa found an appetite for Food Science and Product Development stemming from a love of food and science. After starting her career in the Flavor Industry, she transitioned into the world of Consumer Packaged Goods as a Product Developer and Marketer. Now at the Vita Coco Company, Theresa leads the Global Product Development team to bring new & exciting products into the retail market via innovative and collaborative better for you formulations.

Lisa D. Carroccia
Senior Manager, Flavors, Regulatory; Robertet 

As Senior Manager Flavors Regulatory, I am primarily responsible for teams that complete customer facing documentation and TTB filings; and for explaining/providing regulatory information to customers and colleagues. I have a strong background in US/international flavor regulations, ingredients and TTB; and participate in FEMA’s Regulatory Affairs Committee, Alcohol Subcommittee and GMO/Organic Task Forces. I have a BA in Italian from Rutgers University with a concentration in Spanish and began working at Robertet in 1995. Outside of work, my shih-tzu rescue Romeo keeps me busy. I am an avid traveler and tennis player, and enjoy walking, biking, watching movies and the beach.

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Date March 24, 2022

Time 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

LocationSaddle Brook Marriott
138 Pehle Avenue
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

ChapterNew Jersey

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Members $165
Non-Members & Guests $185
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