WFFC Cincinnati Presents: An Educational and Immersive Experience with Coffee

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Join WFFC Cincinnati at Big Ash Brewing for an educational and immersive experience on the dynamic flavor and sensory possibilities of coffee.

Led by the Carabello staff, attendees will have the opportunity to experience coffee and its sensory elements in three different ways:

Producer level:
Learn how different methods of processing the bean at farm level changes the sensory experience of the beans.

Roaster level:
Compare and contrast coffee roasted at three distinct levels and learn how time, temperature, and rate of rise while roasting impact the sensory aspects of coffee.

Barista level:
See how coffee can be viewed as one ingredient in a mixed drink. In this mixology station, taste and learn to make coffee-based mocktails.

Admission cost includes food and drinks at the brewery.

5:30pm–6:30pm: Happy Hour/Networking
6:30pm–8:30pm: Program

October Event Attendee sheet as of 10.18.21

Based in Newport, KY, Carabello Coffee was started by Emily and Justin Carabello in 2009. What started as a hobby in their garage grew over time into the fruitful and community-centered business it is today. Part of what sets Carabello Coffee apart is their emphasis on fair trade as well as providing a great quality product to their customers.  This is made obvious through their mission statement: “We promise to ethically source exceptional coffees, roast them with care, put our heart and soul into every drink we prepare for you; that fund works of compassion globally and locally.” The Carabellos have formed a close relationship with a farmer in Nicaragua.  In return for the high quality beans the farmer provides them, the Carabellos ensure the farm workers are paid fair wages.  For their own staff in Newport, the Carabellos emphasize education and career development in order to build a well-equipped staff of enthusiastic baristas. 

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Date October 27, 2021

Time 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

LocationBig Ash Brewing
5230 Beechmont Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45230


Admission Cost

Non Members & Guests$60