Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neill

C.E.O. of Flavor Producers LLC

Michael is the C.E.O. of Flavor Producers LLC, Flavor Producers crafts and inspires new taste experiences with natural, organic, and plant-based flavors and extracts. Flavor Producers partners with our Customers in creating great tasting Food, Beverage, and Nutritional Supplement Products, grown from a West Coast foundation to a national footprint today.

Michael has worked in the global food, beverage, and pharma business for almost 30 years, being based in both North America and Europe while also traveling extensively in APAC. He is passionate about the positive impact nutrition can have on our lives and developing great-tasting products with our Partners to meet this goal.

Michael has worked with many talented teams throughout his career and very much believes we are at our best when all the Teams are focused on a common goal. The challenge of building and developing great teams is built on leveraging a diversity of skills and thought processes. Michael looks forward to sharing some of his thoughts and experiences on this huge subject with the WFFC.

Michael has played instrumental leadership roles in both developing and implementing Sustainability Programs and Diversity & Inclusion Programs in the organizations he has worked with, he strongly believes in the positive impact these programs have on the Teams involved, the marketplace and the community.