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WFFC Cincinnati Spice It Up!
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Givaudan Flavors
1199 Edison Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216

2013 Cincinnati - Wine While You Network

On March 7th, the WFFC Cincinnati Chapter gathered at Piazza Discepoli for a “Wine While You Network” event.  Piazza Discepoli is a fine wine and food merchant, which has operated stores in the Cincinnati area since 1989. Steve Dinnerstein, our host for the evening, informed us about the merchant’s history. Unlike most large cities, Cincinnati does not have a lot of large homes close to the downtown area. This is due to the fact that wealthier people in Cincinnati lived on the hills to get away from the smell of the pigs, which were kept along the river. William Procter of Procter & Gamble, was one of the wealthy people living in Glendale at the time. The village lacked a grocery store, so Procter approached a local grocer who had a corner store in the city, and guaranteed he would be profitable. That grocer was Mr. Kroger and the store our event was held in is the 2nd ever Kroger grocery store.

As the evening progressed, the participants tasted six wines paired with hors d’oeuvres. Dinnerstein discussed each wine and the heritage of the different vineyards as well as current issues facing vineyards and the wine industry. As the interactive event concluded, participants had the opportunity to ask questions. It was a delightful evening had by all.


L-R: Kathy Miller (Frutarom), Lisa Sanders (Frutarom), Marijo Hansmann (Alfrebro)



Piazza Discepoli Wine Selection


Wine Tasting Line-Up


Angie Begley (Mane), Sharon Klepak (Mane), Sarah Forbis (Alfrebro),  Connie Coupher (Mane),  Jennifer Gross (Mane), Eli Meager (Wild Flavors)

Celine Roche (Mane), Karen Dewitt (Skidmore), Ashley Miller (Frutarom), Renee Jacobsen (Mane)

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