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2013 WFFC Fall Seminar “Navigating Today’s Supply Chain”

On October 30th the WFFC held this year’s Fall Seminar, “Navigating Today’s Supply Chain” at the Saddlebrook Marriott in New Jersey. The five speakers from a broad flavor and fragrance spectrum, gave attendees essential insight into navigating today’s supply chain from an array of varying professional perspectives. Givaudan’s Greg Adamson, Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety, began the series with a bold strategy for maneuvering in the uncertain world of fragrance regulation. Promoting proactivity and increased advocacy when interacting with regulators, Greg encouraged companies to take a leading role in creating a positive public perception of fragrances. Transitioning to sourcing considerations, Senior Perfumer Jim Krivda described Mane’s commitment to acceptable environmental, human rights, and labor standards through their KUSTHA program in Namibia, Africa. This partnership exhibits how companies can succeed in achieving modern business standards under changing conditions.  Pivoting to research and innovation, Nancy Williams, Vice President of Fragrance and Hygiene Product Development at L’Oreal, looked at the elaborate and demanding process of taking a product from a brief to store shelves. Nancy attributed L’Oreal’s achievements in product development to effective evaluation tools and an aptitude for translating consumer needs into objective measurements. After a networking-filled coffee break, Lorna Hopkinson, Senior Regulatory Manager for IFF, identified the issues concerning labeling, definitions, and analytical capabilities in an increasingly regulated market. Her lively presentation made manageable the often opaque global framework of regulation and endorsed a strategy of transparency between businesses and the consumer. Colin Ringleib, Senior Director of Flavors for Beverage Research and Development at Pepsico, rounded out the conference with his perspective on brand growth and sustainable development. The conference concluded in classic WFFC style with a full two hours of networking and conversation over a pan-Asian lunch. This Fall’s well attended and informative event was made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce’s committed members.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


L-R: Cathianne Leonardi (Allen Flavors); Alpa Roman (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties); Gillian Bleimann (Berje); Laure Moutet; Paige Crist (Perfumer & Flavorist); Jim Krivda (Mane); Lorna Hopkinson (IFF); Colin Ringleib (PepsiCo); Nancy Williams (L’Oreal); Janice Ford (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties)



Marta Illing (Bell Flavors & Fragrances); Maureen Murphy (Berje); Colin Ringleib (PepsiCo)


Greg Adamson presenting (Givaudan)



Diane Cheskey (Allen Flavors); Kelly DeNike (Pheonix); Analia Ferreira (IFF); Christine Varelas (Fleurchem)


Anna Tomei and Melissa Lahullier (Teawolf)


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