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WFFC Cincinnati Presents: World of Coffee

By: Ashley Miller (MANE, Inc.)

On October 28, 2015, the anticipation was palpable as attendees entered The BonBonerie located in historic O’Bryonville, Ohio. The aromas of chocolate, confections, and coffee comingled as guests socialized and unwound from their work day. Dr. Robert Thurston of Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) began the evening with his lecture on coffee origins, processing, commodity selling, and flavor characteristics. Samples of various roasts of coffee were available for the attendees to taste and compare. Dr. Thurston highlighted the two main species of coffee: coffea arabica and coffea canephora (also known as coffea robusta) and their ripening stages. He then went on to explain some of the diseases that can afflict coffee trees, wet versus dry processing methods, and some of the plights coffee harvesters face in this labor-intensive field.

Dr. Thurston concluded his talk by listing the environmental factors affecting the flavor of coffee, as well as explaining the process of “cupping” where expert tasters sometimes sample up to 200 coffees per day when evaluating the beverage’s merits and defects! Afterward, guests dined on a light meal provided by the staff at The BonBonerie. The first course was warm Housemade Tomato Bisque followed by the diner’s choice of Quiche Lorraine, Spinach and Asiago Quiche, or a Roasted Turkey and Colby Sandwich. Of course, a visit to The BonBonerie wouldn’t be complete without their award-winning desserts! Guests ended the night with petite Tuxedo Brownie Squares and Tart Lemon Squares. The WFFC Cincinnati would like to thank each of the guests for attending the event, The BonBonerie for hosting us, and Dr. Thurston for educating everyone on the world of coffee.

L-R: Carol Nieman (Consultant); Ashley Miller (Mane); Sarah Forbis (Alfrebro); Sri Nagarajan (Skidmore); Carrie Jaeger (Wild Flavors); Kathy Miller (Savor Seasonings)

L-R: Kasey Reed-Long (Givaudan); Amy Bennett (Mane); Audrey Cartwright (Givaudan)

 L-R: Cindy Kelly (Flavor Producers); Mary Hudson (Flavor Producers); Josh Grimm (Naturex)  

L-R: Cecily Hawkins (Wild Flavors); Erica Boyd (Givaudan)

L-R: Lois Ehlers (Symrise); Inke Sexton (Givaudan); Sarah Forbis (Alfrebro); Ashley Miller (Mane)

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