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WFFC Presents:
Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence

By: Jessica Reichert Weber (Premier Specialties, Inc.)

On April 6th, 2016, the New Jersey Chapter met at the Kenilworth Inn for a member’s only event entitled Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence. When we arrived we were given a key with an attached question about what we need to be successful. We were then asked to sit at a table where we didn’t know anyone to discuss our questions during the cocktail hour. The group also picked a paper from a coloring book of positive quotes, to see what message would gravitate towards us more.

The seminar began with our speaker Marge Smith, leader of Workshops on emotional intelligence and founder of Princeton Community Works, asking us to shake the hand of the person next to us and tell them, “I am amazing,” and also to tell them why we were amazing. It’s very hard for many of us to say this one simple phrase but it was the best way to start this incredible seminar. The rest of the time was spent walking around the room with others discussing the concepts of personal space, how important our attention is when we are in a conversation and the working style we all have. Answering questions about our personality really helped on how we wanted to be treated at work, as well as how to treat others as their personality may be different from our own. In the end, this seminar showed that everyone in the work place is unique and everyone works in their own way. The first thing we must do is see how we work in our own amazing styles, share that with our coworkers honestly and respect their styles


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