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WFFC Chicago
First Annual Trend Excursion

By: Marilynn Kelly (Belle Aire Creations)

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, 25 enthusiastic participants attended the first annual WFFC Chicago Trend Excursion.

It was a perfect day as we gathered at David’s Tea Shop in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We were served a variety of interesting teas, including Buddha’s Blend, Vanilla Orchid, and caffeine free Sangria. Our next stop was Lush, a company that stands by their belief that words such as “fresh” and “organic” have an honest meaning, beyond just marketing. Our journey continued as we visited Aroma Workshop, where personalized blends were created from the notes that we individually selected. Joong Boo Market, an authentic Asian market filled with a large selection of interesting foods and packaging followed. Guests were then treated to a Koval Distillery tour located in the Ravenswood area, which included a pre-dinner spirit tasting. To complete the day, dinner and drinks were enjoyed at Fat Rice, a Macanese Euro-Asian comfort food restaurant.

We would like to thank Kelli Heinz our gracious host, our sponsors: Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Belle Aire Creations and Innova Flavors and our guests.

Front to Back:
Marilynn Kelly, Stella Salisu, Raimus Steponavicius, Kathy Payne, Tara Bell (Belle Aire Creations); Marvel Fields (Bell Flavors & Fragrances); Tedd Neenan (Aroma Workshop)

 L-R Back RowRaimus Steponavicius, Adriana Gilliland (Belle Aire Creations); Bob Segal (Bell Flavor & Fragrances); Stella Salisu, Tara Bell (Belle Aire Creations); Chris Genovise (FONA International); Daniela Garza (Innova Flavors)
Front Row: Marilynn Kelly, Kathy Payne (Belle Aire Creations); Kelli Heinz (Bell Flavors & Fragrances); Mary Maile (Innova Flavors)

L-R: Lush Representative, Raimus Steponavicius, Tara Bell (Belle Aire Creations); Marvel Fields (Bell Flavors & Fragrances); Marilynn Kelly (Belle Aire Creations)


L-R: Megan Dowdal, Carly Griffon, Hillary Rebollar, Kristen Steinbrook (New Sunshine); Kimberly Lehman (Griffith Foods); Bob Segal (Bell Flavor & Fragrances); Judith Michalski (Abelei Flavors); Roberto Tioseco (Bell Flavors & Fragrances); Nicole Iwicki (New Sunshine)

Group at Koval Distillery

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