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WFFC Chicago & Midwest SCC Creating
Natural Experiences Through Fragrance E-Zine

By: Marilynn Kelly (Belle Aire Creations)

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, the Chicago WFFC and Midwest SCC Chapters gathered at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, for a first time, sold-out, joint social/educational event.  Our guest speaker, Sherri Sebastian, from Fragrance West, talked about the Flavor and Fragrance business, pointing out how lucky she is to be a part of an industry that touches our lives in so many ways.  Sherri delighted us as she talked about her first memories of aroma, then reminded us that we all have scent memories, and asked us to share them.

This wonderful event brought together perfumers, flavorists, cosmetic chemists, developers, and all those who work within these unique industries, enabling us to socialize, learn, and share our passions for what we do. 

We would like to thank our WFFC members, Jane Pinda (Fragrance West) and Kris Watson (Frutarom); SCC members Cindy Yu (Ingredion), Melissa Tolla (Tolla Consulting), Chris Daraska (Croda), Lisa Hilson (Crystal Rampaul) and Wilma Gorman (TH Hilson) for putting this event together along with speaker, Sherri Sebastian and our sponsors: Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Fragrance West, Frutarom, Flavorchem, Senomyx, Orchidia, and Belle Aire Creations.

L-R: Sherri Sebastian (Fragrance West); Cindy Yu (Ingredion); Lisa Hilson and Crystal Rampaul (TH Hilson); Melissa Tolla (Tolla Consulting); Kris Watson (Frutarom); Jane Pinda (Fragrance West)
Chicago WFFC Board, L-R:
Kris Watson (Frutarom); Jane Pinda (Fragrance West); Dafne Diez de Medina (Innova Flavors); Marissa Piazza (H.B. Taylor); Cheryl Udzielak (Givaudan); Christa Gibson (PearlChem); Kelli Heinz (Bell Flavors and Fragrances); Marilynn Kelly (Belle Aire Creations)

 L-R: George Concar (Retired); Archish Desai (RNA Labs); Max Ganger (Sajmil Corporation INC); Ramesh Raval (Namaste Labs); Darius Derda (Elementis Specialties); Jerry Maziarka (Emco Chemical)

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