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WFFC Cincinnati:
Come Explore Nature’s Color Palate E-zine

By: Melissa Harman (Mane)

Color me purple or pink… as long as it’s Natural!

On  April 19th, WFFC Cincinnati Chapter held their Spring event at the Meritage Restaurant in the heart of Cincinnati. When you think of your favorite snack, dessert, cereal or drink - you can smell, taste, touch, see and potentially hear it, at least in theory.  But what happens when you change one aspect of those senses?  Is your favorite food still your favorite food?  Which would you prefer: orange juice that is bright, almost yellow, or orange juice that is slightly darker, less vivid?  Bright, vibrant colors play into our food purchasing decisions more than we realize.

The meal provided by Meritage was also full of color and inspiration.  From pan-seared salmon to Shrimp Fra Diavolo to roasted red cabbage and goat cheese, the entrees tantalized all the senses. 

Dave Macaraeg (Frutarom) spoke to the Cincinnati WFFC Chapter regarding Natural Colors, where they come from and what is driving the need.  Natural is nothing new to the Flavor/Food industry, however, the need for a Natural claim has only increased in recent years, with no signs of slowing down.  So what is driving the need for these claims?   As usual, consumers.  With farm to table and pantry-friendly becoming more popular than ever, consumers are expecting that in their packaged foods as well.  If a consumer can’t buy the ingredients at the store, it must be a synthetic material. 

For marketing teams, the key demographic is the Millennial or Echo Boomers.  This group of consumers, late teens to early 30's, is the driving force behind much of the change we see today.  Although they do not have the largest disposable income (Baby Boomers well out-pace Millennials), they are the driving force of change for technology and innovation.

The evening concluded with questions and dessert, using Frutarom Natural Colors for Yellow, Orange and Red slices of cake. 

Frutarom sponsored some door prizes and the WFFC had a free membership giveaway for 2018 with a raffle.

Speaker David Macaraeg (Frutarom)
L-R:  Melissa Harman (Mane);
Amy Horn (Trilogy); Becca Bush (Flavor Producers); Sarah Forbis (Mane); Erica Boyd (Givaudan); Lew Weeks (Flavor Producers); Karen Dewitt (Skidmore Sales & Distributing); Kathy Miller (Clearbrook Farms); Ashley Ramudit (Mane); Lisa Sanders (Frutarom)

 Lisa Sanders &
David Macaraeg (Frutarom)

L-R:   Becca Bush (Flavor Producers); Alex Cahoon (Flavor Producers);
Melissa Harman (Mane)

L-R:  Julie Eubanks & Tracey Coffey (Mane); Lisa Sanders (Frutarom)

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