WFFC serves its members through its committees that support the activities of the organization as well as promote the WFFC in the industry. All committees are open to the membership and all are encouraged to participate.

Please note that visitors may contact the Directors of each Committee by e-mail by clicking on their name. Please use this facility if you wish to join a specific committee or have further questions on an activity sponsored by this committee - See our calendar for the latest upcoming list of events.

Chair: Pat Halle
Erica Lermond McDonnell, Marie Worsham, Joan Huang and Joy Wilson

The Communication Committee is responsible for communicating information about the WFFC to the industry, through our event e-zines, press releases, social media posts and website updates.

Chair: Jeanine Pedersen
PR: Paige Crist
Jessica Reichert Weber, Monique Evans, Karen Dubin (Ezine Editor-in-Chief),Cincinnati member: Melissa Harman, Chicago Members: Dafne Diez de Medina, Mary Maile, Megan Nolan

Chair: Pat Halle
Erica Lermond McDonnell, Amy Marks-McGee, Joan Huang

The Membership Committee reviews member applications, updates monthly membership roster, focuses on membership benefits and corporate sponsorship and manages the mentor program.

Chair: Gillian Bleimann
Co-Chair: Alpa Roman
NJ Committee: Joy Wilson, Erica Lermond McDonnell, Paige Crist, Jessica Reichert Weber, Marie Wright, Cathianne Leonardi, Asha Phekoo, Laure Moutet, Maureen Murphy
Chicago Members: Cheryl Udzielak and Marissa Piazza Pasky
Cincinnati Members: Erica Boyd and Janine Gage

Alpa Roman, Paige Crist, Marie Wright

The Program Committee is responsible for planning most of the WFFC events, including the WFFC Annual Gala, Spring Recognition Dinner and Annual Business Meeting as well as various miniseries throughout the year.

Chair: Marie Worsham
Co-Chair: Tara Lermond Melchionne
Rosanna Santoro, Megan Nolan, Brandis Weissler-Bukzin, Bea Hornedo, Erica Lermond McDonnell, Talysha Marcellus, Maureen Murphy

The Education Committee is responsible for researching and presenting the annual educational seminar and other educational programs.

Chair: Alpa RomanGillian Bleimann
Co-Chair: Paige Crist
Cathianne Leonardi, Raghda Maksoud, Laure Moutet, Asha Phekoo, Marie Wright, Joy Wilson, Linda Bukowski

The Golf Committee organizes and manages the annual golf outing, which includes the venue, lunch and dinner, clinic, foursome arrangements and prizes.

Chair: Pat Halle
Christine Varelas, Kerry Jordan, Melanie Williamson

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the annual review and selection of applicants for two outstanding fragrance and flavor scholarships:Rita Flynn Memorial Fragrance Scholarship Award and WFFC Flavor Scholarship Award.

Chair: Cathianne Leonardi
Megan Nolan, Christina Christie, Jessica Cesare

This is a temporary committee responsible for overhauling the WFFC website. The committee will work closely with the Communication and Membership Committees to ensure the website is contemporary, interactive, user friendly and features mobile responsive design for better functionality and engagement.

Chair: Joan Huang
Jeanine Pedersen, Erica Lermond McDonnell, Gillian Bleimann, Jessica Reichert Weber, Monique Evans, Mary Maile, Ashley Ramudit, Amy Marks-McGee

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