2017 E-zines

WFFC June Recognition Awards Dinner E-zine

WFFC Chicago Trend Excursion E-zine

WFFC Cincinnati: Come Explore Nature’s Color Palate E-zine

WFFC Chicago & Midwest SCC Creating Natural Experiences through Fragrance ezine

WFFC Cincinnati Past & Present ezine

WFFC 35th Annual Business Meeting of 2017 ezine

WFFC's The Heart of the Holidays ezine

WFFC Cincinnati Member Mayhem at the Jungle ezine

2016 E-zines

WFFC Chicago Aroma in Cocktails, A Bartender’s Secret Weapon ezine

WFFC 34th Annual Gala ezine

WFFC Cincinnati Presents: Gluten-Free Industry: Trend, Lifestyle, or Disease? ezine

WFFC Fall Seminar Today’s Consumer Tastes & Their Influence on the F&F Industry ezine

WFFC Chicago The Art of Creation ezine

WFFC 22nd Annual Golf Outing and Clinic ezine

WFFC Chicago First Annual Trend Excursion ezine

WFFC June Recognition Dinner ezine

WFFC Cincinnati Sip & Savor ezine

WFFC 9th Annual Fragrance & Flavor Sensory Trend Excursion ezine

WFFC Eataly Cooking with Herbs E-zine

WFFC Cincinnati: Spring on the Farm E-zine

WFFC Chicago: Strike Our For Spring E-zine

WFFC Spring Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence E-zine

WFFC Presents: Annual Meeting - The History of Perfumery E-zine

WFFC Cincinnati: World of Coffee E-zine

2015 E-zines

WFFC Fall Seminar - Rising Africa E-zine

WFFC Chicago Fall Event E-zine

WFFC 33rd Annual Gala E-zine

WFFC Chicago Summer Soiree E-zine

WFFC Cincinnati Summertime: New Riff on Summer Sweet & Savory E-zine

Summer in Full Bloom at Flower School of New York E-zine

WFFC 21st Annual Golf Outing and Clinic E-zine

WFFC Recognition Dinner E-zine

WFFC 8th Annual Trend Excursion E-zine

WFFC 2015 Chicago Spring Event E-zine

WFFC Cincinnati Creating Bitter Flavors With Hop Extracts E-zine

WFFC 2015 EFEO Event E-zine

WFFC 2015 ASP Orchid Event E-zine

WFFC 2015 Annual Business Meeting E-zine

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