Federal and State Government Regulatory Websites


This is a great website that allows you access to a number of other important websites involving environmental rules and regulations such as:

Federal Register database- you can go as far back as 1995. It is a daily publication for Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices from various Federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, DEA, BATF).

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)- you can access many titles such as: CFR 21 (Food and Drug), CFR 27 (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), CFR 29 (OSHA), CFR 40 (Environmental), CFR 49 (DOT).

A Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.

U.S. Government Manuals.


If you are responsible for environmental permits and reports enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this website is a must. You can access specific key topics (i.e. air, water and waste permit requirements, Pesticide, Pollution Prevention and various chemical reporting requirements, Compliance & Enforcement contacts). You are also able to access CFR 40 laws and regulations.


This website allows you to access the most current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards (found in CFR 29) along with standard development, and draft proposed program rules. You can also find compliance guides and answers to frequently asked questions.


If you are required to register with the Drug Enforcement Agency any controlled substances or listed chemicals, this is a great website with a lot of information such as: DEA offices and directories, reports required by CFR 21, Federal Register Notices, CFR 21, a list of drugs and chemicals of concern.


If you are using denatured alcohol in your manufacturing processes you need to register a permit with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This website gives you all the information necessary to comply with your permit such as: proper labeling, recording alcohol distribution, usage and alcohol drawbacks, special tax returns, and denatured alcohol formulas.


In New Jersey the flavor and fragrance industry is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) in areas such as air, water and waste. In many cases, state regulations override federal regulations. This website allows you access to a number of topics which require permits/registrations such as: Air, Asbestos, Discharge Prevention, Emergency Response, Hazardous Waste, Pesticides, Recycling, Underground Storage Tank, Water, Solid Waste. This website also allows you to acquire permit applications and checklists to ensure proper compliance.


New Jersey public and private employers are required by law to provide to their employees information about hazardous substances at their workplace. This website provides information such as: NJ Worker and Community R-T-K regulations, R-T-K hazardous substance fact sheets, R-T-K County Lead Agencies, and answers to commonly asked questions.


If you are involved in the transportation of your raw materials and finished products this is the website to access all Department of Transportation requirements. You can access CFR 49 regulations to determine both reporting and packaging requirements. You can also access the Federal Register from here.


If you are interested in learning who the largest polluters are in your community.


This website requires an online subscription to obtain information on specific CFR 21 citations involving food additives. This website is used a lot by our flavor regulatory group. Information such as exporter guides, labeling requirements and chemical registrations for specific countries can be accessed on this website.


The Food Allergy Research and Resource Program website is great if you are looking for current industry information regarding allergens.

www.fda.gov: The main access site /portal for all related FDA links. Another site to bookmark for general information.

www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/guidance.htm: for food and cosmetic labeling as well as information regarding additives, supplements, pesticide testing, etc.

Industry Regulatory Sites

www.ifraorg.org : The International Fragrance Association – founded 1973 to monitor the legislation worldwide for usage guidelines on raw materials that have been determined either unsafe at certain levels or unusable. IFRA publishes fragrance raw material guidelines in the Code of Practice.

www.rifm.org: Research Institute for Fragrance Materials – founded 1966. The main objective is to obtain data on ingredients used in fragrances to ensure the safety of perfumery materials. RIFM forwards their findings and recommendations to IFRA for publication in the Code of Practices. RIFM consists of toxicologists, pharmacists and dermatologists that have no ties to the fragrance industry. This site requires membership for data access.

www.colipa.com: The European Trade Association representing the Cosmetic, Toiletry and perfume industry. COLIPA is the industry’s voice on the data to defend fragrance and cosmetic safety. They meet with US safety organizations to discuss their findings in order to provide safe and effective products. COLIPA publishes the EU Cosmetic Directive for harmonized consumer safety. More and more COLIPA statements are required with MSDS forms in the USA.

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