Industry Regulatory Sites : The International Fragrance Association – founded 1973 to monitor the legislation worldwide for usage guidelines on raw materials that have been determined either unsafe at certain levels or unusable. IFRA publishes fragrance raw material guidelines in the Code of Practice. Research Institute for Fragrance Materials – founded 1966. The main objective is to obtain data on ingredients used in fragrances to ensure the safety of perfumery materials. RIFM forwards their findings and recommendations to IFRA for publication in the Code of Practices. RIFM consists of toxicologists, pharmacists and dermatologists that have no ties to the fragrance industry. This site requires membership for data access. The European Trade Association representing the Cosmetic, Toiletry and perfume industry. COLIPA is the industry’s voice on the data to defend fragrance and cosmetic safety. They meet with US safety organizations to discuss their findings in order to provide safe and effective products. COLIPA publishes the EU Cosmetic Directive for harmonized consumer safety. More and more COLIPA statements are required with MSDS forms in the USA.

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