Industry Related Info Sites and Portals: and websites providing expert insights on global industries (including flavors & beverages ), companies, products and trends. Mostly geared towards beverages. Free internet access to various related online magazines including an email newsletter. Reviews and information on non-alcoholic beverages, news and classifieds. beverage market and info. supplies information on chemicals and their descriptions while offering links to chemical suppliers and distributors. Industry news, product showcase, regulatory updates, newsletter. Online buy and sell as well as job listings. databases for research, ingredients, companies and market trends in the food industry. food trends online newsletter, resources and extensive links system with industry on-line magazines such as etc. A large site encompassing a wide variety of topics relating to food and beverage. when you just cannot remember whether you have to divide or multiply when trying to work out a price in EUROs or Yen. Do yourself a favor and avoid a costly mistake. Use this site to do the up to the minute exchange rate for you. Go directly to: commodity trading on the NY and London exchanges. free access to commodity market including currency, food & fiber, grains, indexes, interest rates, livestock, metal, oil & energy. In addition to trying to sell software designed for the F&F industry, Leffingwell & Assoc. provide the Perfumer, Flavor, Food and Beverage industries with contacts and industry news and press releases. They also have summations on various chemicals and properties. Terrific portal for access to a large listing of F&F companies with direct access to these websites. Good portal to bookmark for general information. another portal for raw material sourcing with company listings and interactive buyers guide for flavors, flavor raw materials, neutraceuticals and botanicals. Also has news-wire for industry happenings and FDA news. the NY Board of Trade – commodity trading info. website company offering information and training opportunities in perfumery either online or at their facility in Thailand. provides manufacturer’s collaborative applications (software) for managing raw material procurement cycle – from material discovery and contract posting through document access, order fulfillment and vendor management. the online version of everyone’s old fave. No subscription necessary and all access is free

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