Additional Useful Government Info Sites US Customs office. Up to date duty rates and answers to other important Import/Export questions, HTC #s, tarrifs, regulations on NAFTA etc. For direct access to import duty information go directly to link at Citrus Forecast page for Florida Dept of Citrus - includes general crop information for citrus (as well as other crops) producing areas in the USA. US Dept of Agriculture. Provides some useful links re BSE and other applicable safety issues regarding the food industry. This website is for Toxic substances and is maintained by the US government. It lists REAL, INDUSTRIAL USES for our products!!! This site gathers their research from Kirk-othmer, SRI and other sources that I wasn't aware of. I also lists FORMULATIONS where the product is used for human consumption. It also lists US producers, import/export data, MSDS information, etc.

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