The WFFC is Supported by Industry Leaders

"As CEO of Belle Aire Creations, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact that collaboration and inclusion can have on our industry. Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce serves as a beacon of empowerment and unity, fostering a platform for professionals to connect, learn, and grow together. By championing diversity and fostering an environment of camaraderie, this esteemed organization propels our collective pursuit of excellence, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of our field. It is an honor to be part of this dynamic community, where talents converge, ideas flourish, and opportunities abound. Together, we unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within the world of flavors and fragrances, and pave the way for transformative achievements that leave an indelible mark on both our professional and personal journeys."

—Stacey David, Belle Aire Creations

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Why Does Corporate Sponsorship Matter?

It provides support for nearly 20 educational and networking events each calendar year in three chapters

It enables the WFFC to advance its mission to educate, engage and empower its members

It creates a foundation for the WFFC to advance the careers of students through annual scholarships

What are the Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship?

Exposure at every WFFC function, including the Annual Gala with more than 600 industry professionals in attendance

Access to a 10% discount for new members who are employees of your company

Placement of your logo on the WFFC website

Permission to utilize the WFFC logo on your company website

WFFC’s Corporate Sponsors